Une Larme de Trop - One too many Tear - 59 awards

Despite its 76 festival selections on all continents and 55 prizes, and its ability several times recognized to reconcile ethnicities and religions, especially in Asia, my great film “New Dawn - Teenagers” (165') never found a distributor or broadcaster, to the relief of the Jihadist groups who had ipso facto put me on their blacklist, and Police Minister Bernard Cazeneuve wanted to provide me with police protection, but it was impossible to implement it on a wooded property of 30,000 m2…

Now, before leaving this world (I'm 80 years old ...), I wanted to try one last time to do something to make it a little less unlivable and, in particular, less bloody, thanks to the short film presented, “One too many Tear”, which is a real punch in the face of extremists justifying their atrocities in the name of, let us say, “Thingy”.

In this short film, “Thingy”, played by a young boy, does not mince his words, and the jihadists are hauled over the coals, what is likely to finally make them doubt the justification (?) of their bloody acts; even if this film deters only one, it would achieve its goal.

I have the photo of the young American boy Brodie Copeland (see more on Google), 11 years old, on the beach at Nice a few hours before being reduced to pulp by the terrorist truck, and what the media have never shown: human debris littering the ground, under larger or smaller linens depending on the size of the pieces.

Shouldn't everything be done to avoid this kind of horror? For me, the answer is "yes", but for others (including the Cannes festival, alas): "it's not our business" ... The Cannes festival reminds me of the youngster to whom "Thingy" is addressed in the film, a young boy who could change things, and avoid the worst, but who finds it “too complicated” and “not his business”… Alas, alas, alas ...

However, as said above, the effectiveness of my films is recognized by the jihadists themselves, who had put me on their blacklist; that said, they should hurry a little, considering my age ...

I am also a physicist, in contact with US universities, and everything about the last part of the film is correct. Comment from Rob Coe, University of Santa Cruz, CA: Dear Paul, What you suggest seems to me to deserve serious thought.

Every 200,000 years, there is a magnetic inversion, but which would have been fatal for Homo Sapiens, too weak to resist gamma rays, and “Thingy” has preserved him for 780,000 years, to allow him to exist. Now, faced with the spectacular failure of His project, “Thingy” has decided to let Nature resume its course… It seems to be in accordance with the hidden part of the 3d Fatima secret.

The only way to avoid catastrophe is for humans to pull themselves together and behave like “humans”, what would limit the phenomenon to a simple “magnetic excursion”, and then return back to normal.

Take the time (13 'only) to see this film, you will understand what I mean. You will also be able to appreciate the courage of the young actor Angel (Lille, France) for a double role not obvious, especially since it took 1 month of negotiations with his parents who already saw their son slaughtered by a patibular bearded man at the exit of his high school, but they were reassured given that, in the film, “Thingy” also denounces the crusades and other bloody acts of Christians… Angel received the award as Best Actor at the Best Istambul Film Festival.

See also the review on https://www.hlc-cultcritic.com/one-too-many-tear/ “Angel Lesage, who plays both the young man and Jesus Christ, does so with such charm and subtlety, it immediately draws you in. The message is clear, and the craft is intriguing. The colors stand out as a warning sign, and the music enhances the drama.

In the meantime, the jihadists laugh at my setbacks in Cannes with my films, and sharpen their blades or fine-tune their bombs for future attacks ...

Forum Film Festival (Argentina - Spain): « This cinematographic work surprises us. The viewer is stunned by the scenes that are being shown, openly. Morals, ethics… acquire new dimensions and all are valid, of course! Art should have no limits. A very daring message through images without taboos. Very good cinematographic realization ».

Brodie Copeland was a talented baseball player, but also a chorister and a gifted actor ("My Teacher is an Alien"). Senior Resident Director Nick Mann (Frisco Youth Theatre) says “Brodie was an exceptional and one-a-kind human being. I always felt like Brodie was someone who could change the world, and I know in my heart that he did just that during his short time on Earth.” Brodie can still help change the world thanks to this short film in his memory, against bloody terrorism. I hope you will agree with it. "