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Free 100' version of the great film "Teenagers" (165'), grounded on real facts of the life of the young Lucas de Métairy. The full film "Teenagers" is available on See more on Comments reduced to timecodes will be deleted. VERY IMPORTANT about "Teenagers": part 1 was shooted in 2002, part 2 in 2005, part 3 in 2008, the epilogue in 2011. The young actors are now between 30 and 40 years old, and the rules to protect "children" are no more applicable to 30-40 years old adults, who are no more interesting for "predators".

Version gratuite (1 h 40) du grand film "Teenagers" (2 h 45), basé sur des faits réels de la vie du jeune Lucas de Métairy. Le film "Teenagers" complet est disponible en DVD et sur Voir sur Les commentaires réduits à des timecodes seront effacés.
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